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Training can take place in the form of a lecture, an introductory three-hour or an in-depth three-day workshop, a seminar or a training program over the period of several months up to a year or more. If the course is aimed at preventing violence, i.e. strengthening the conflict culture of a district wrought with social problems, the participants may be teachers, social workers and police who all work in that district. In another case, the course might be open to participants from different professional backgrounds who are looking to deal more effectively with everyday workplace conflicts.

Depending on the format and time-frame, the workshop or course participants gain insight into the subject area or learn communication, cooperation and conflict resolution skills. As a rule, I work in an interactive context with participatory methodologies. This facilitates the process of self-reflection, and allows for a maximum of interaction and exchange of experiences among the participants, who often learn as much from each other and from the group process as they do from me.

The topics I cover in training sessions and courses include:
  • Mediation
  • Conflict resolution / Conflict management
  • Intercultural communication
  • Violence prevention in schools and communities
  • Peace education
  • Conflict transformation
In-house workshops and seminars are designed according to the needs and expectations of the organization and the prospective participants.
Dr. Jamie Walker
Mediation - Training - Consulting