My long-time fascination with conflict, both on a personal and a social level, has led to an involvement with different facets of conflict transformation. Whatever the service offered, I bring not only my professional expertise but also myself as an individual who has experienced some of the same challenges facing my clients. What I love about mediation is seeing the parties open up to the process itself, explore their own feelings and needs, recognize what the conflict has meant for the other party or parties, and struggle to find a common solution.

The challenge of training is to relate to the participants and their concerns in a way that encourages them to open up to a learning experience that often goes deeper than merely absorbing information. Drawing upon my extensive experience as a mediator and trainer in different systems and contexts, I derive great satisfaction from working in the area of consulting. This often involves dealing with complex issues, making sense of parallel processes or helping set new developments into motion.

I specialize in mediating cross-cultural conflicts and working in an international context.

While English is my mother tongue, I speak and write German with the fluency of a native and am experienced in working with interpreters, e.g. in Spanish, Russian and Dari.

Dr. Jamie Walker
Mediation - Training - Consulting