My passion for working in the fields of mediation, conflict resolution, violence prevention and peace education has led me to the desire to share my own experience and that of others with a wider audience. Whether the topic is mediation in international parental child abduction cases or an overview of teaching conflict resolution methodologies in schools, my aim is to provide other professionals with access to more information. The publications – of which there are many more in German than in English – reflect the breadth and depth of my professional development.

”An International Mediation: From Child Abduction to Property Distribution”
In: American Journal of Family Law. Vol. 23, Nr. 3, Fall 2009, p. 167-173 (with Christoph C. Paul)

”Family Mediation in International Child Custody Conflicts: The Role of Consulting Attorneys”
In: American Journal of Family Law. Vol. 22, Nr. 1, Spring 2008, p. 42–45 (with Christoph C. Paul)

”A Case for Mediation: Family Mediation in International Child Custody Conflicts”
In: World Arbitration and Mediation Review, Volume I, Issue 4, 2007, p. 589-594 (with Christoph C. Paul)

"Violence and Conflict Resolution in Schools: A Study of the Teaching of Interpersonal Problem–solving Skills in Primary and Secondary Schools in Europe"
Council of Europe, Strasbourg 1989
German translation (Quaker Council for European Affairs): Brussels 1989
French translation (Council of Europe): Strasbourg 1990
Lithuanian translation (Culture and Education Ministry of the Republic of Lithuania): Vilna 1994

”Teaching Conflict Resolution in Berlin”
In: The Fourth R / Newsletter of the National Association for Mediation in Education. Volume 38, April/May 1992

”Resolving Classroom Conflicts Non-violently”
In: Erling, Roland and Elaine Munthe (Ed.): Bullying – An International Perspective. London, 1989, p. 130–143

”Germany, West & East: A Dialogue on Fascism”
In: Fellowship, June 1986
Dr. Jamie Walker
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