Motivated by my own experience of moving in and between cultures and languages and by my firm belief in the human ability to take on and resolve personal and professional challenges creatively, my goal is to facilitate communication and learning processes in such a way as to empower clients to recognize their own potential in a given situation.

For some, this means gaining insight into the dynamics of a conflict or exploring how to solve it; for others it means deciding when and how to take the necessary but difficult step of ending a professional or personal relationship.

Over the many years of my professional experience, I have often worked with seminar participants striving to develop their interpersonal skills, parties in seemingly intractable conflict situations, and project managers faced with multiple issue-related and organizational challenges who felt that something was wrong but did not know exactly what it was or how to change it.

More often than not, they left the process feeling strengthened, if at times humbled by the tasks set before them. It is this process of helping my clients reflect upon the causes and consequences of their own attitudes and behavior and develop new paths to lasting solutions that fascinates me - even when the work involves an inner struggle for my clients and at times for myself.

Dr. Jamie Walker
Mediation - Training - Consulting