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My core expertise in the area of consulting lies in the fields of conflict management / conflict transformation, violence prevention, peace education, intercultural communication and mediation. At times, the client will be an individual dealing with professional challenges such as a difficult conflict situation or a far-reaching career decision and needing support.

It may be a team which works together in different constellations on different parallel projects and wishes to cooperate more effectively. Or it may be an educational institution or a business which has set itself the goal of improving internal communication or setting up a mediation project. Finally, it could be an organization looking to initiate or evaluate a long-term program. My consulting clients include schools, continuing education institutions, universities, community organizations, companies, NGOs and development organizations.

Consulting can take on many different forms, including:
  • Coaching and team-building
  • Facilitation of group processes
  • Action research, curriculum and program development and evaluation in the areas of violence prevention, peace education and mediation
  • Concept and organizational development in businesses, schools and communities
  • Project planning, implementation and evaluation>
The methodologies range from interviews to workshops to expert reports.

Dr. Jamie Walker
Mediation - Training - Consulting